Free NLP Tools for SEO

Amalgram – it is a pos Tagger Assert  – it’s for semantic role tagging.  It annotates naturally occurring text with semantic arguments. FreeLing –  it’s a package for language analysis containing amongst other things sentence splitters, pos-taggers, morphological analysis, flexible multiword recognition, named entity detection. GATE  – for general text engineering, an awesome toolkit for text-mining. […]

WP Sales Engine WordPress Sales Page Plugin

Key Features of WordPress Sales Engine Proven Sales Layouts based on Successful Internet Marketers Enter new markets, launch new products or setup test campaigns faster and easier than ever before Increased Readability Tip: You get no sale/lead, if your potential customer do not focus on your Ad.  So, its very much important that we make […]

OptimizePress WordPress Landing Theme

Powerful OptimizePress Features Build High Converting Squeeze Pages Build Sales Letters, Bonus Pages, One-Time Offer Pages & More Create Powerful Product Launches Build Awesome Membership Sites Build Your Blog Simple Autoresponder Integration Easy to Follow Training & Tutorials Secure Your Membership Areas Add Video To Your Pages In Seconds iPad & iPhone Video compatibility Gateway […]

MaxInBound WordPress Landing Page Plugin

Landing Page Templates Clickthrough Templates Lead Generation Templates Sales Letter Templates Easy-to-Use Options Form Plugins 3rd Party Email Forms Embedded Videos Call-To-Action Buttons Content Editors Google Web Fonts

Types of Search Engines

Search Engines can be broadly classified based on the data gathering, indexing and searching process: Crawler based Search Engine Human powered Search Directories Hybrid Search Engine Meta Search Engine Clustered Search Engine   Working of a typical search engine: Web Crawling Indexing Searching Search Results