SEO Webmaster Guidelines

Google Webmaster Guidelines Yahoo Webmaster Guidelines   Microsoft Bing Webmaster Guidelines Drive more visitors to your site using Bing data on search queries, crawling and search traffic. See your site as Bing does – View crawl activity, index coverage, traffic stats, and more. Optimize for search -Research which keywords are driving traffic to your site. […]

Lynx Browser for SEO Analysis

Using Lynx for SEO Analysis Analyzing Hiddent Text Issues Analyzing Javascript-based Hyperlinks One of the favorite SEO Tool for webmasters was the Lynx Text Browser. Get the source code of a web page lynx -source “” Get the header status lynx -dump -head “” Count the No. of Links lynx -dump “” | grep -o […]

Reduce and Enhance the Impact of Noise Words

Keyword Density was one of the popular areas of interest for the webmasters, authors and bloggers in the SEO world.  Even though the impact of keyword density in the on-page optimization process is reduced, it can still be a important factor which make your website rewarded or punished by search engines. Noise Words on a […]