HTML5 Animation Framework

Paper.js is an open source vector graphics scripting framework that runs on top of the HTML5 Canvas.

- Excellent Library of Functions to Create Vector Graphics and Bezier Curves
- Highly Optimized and accurate Mathematical Calculations for Bezier Curves
- Bounding box calculations (with and without stroke expansion, including all different stroke styles, even miter limits)
- curve and path length
- path time parametrization (finding bezier parameters at a given offset/length)
- curve fitting, fast path flattening
Paper.js uses Canvas Object instead of SVG for the main backend.

Paper.js Features
- Document Object Model (Scene Graph)
- Paths & Segments
- Keyboard and Mouse Interaction
- Symbols
- Images and Color Averaging
- Selection Outlines
- Vector Geometry
- Object Conversion
- Mathematical Operations
- Consistent and Robust API

Paper.js Browser Support
Paper.js mainly targets modern web browsers having support for the Canvas object and ECMAScript5.

Pros & Cons of Paper.js without writing PaperScript
- Easier debugging and slightly higher performance
- No Auto-Scoping and Operator Overloading,
Have a Look at the Awesome Paper.js Examples