Lynx Browser for SEO Analysis

Using Lynx for SEO Analysis
Analyzing Hiddent Text Issues
Analyzing Javascript-based Hyperlinks

One of the favorite SEO Tool for webmasters was the Lynx Text Browser.

Get the source code of a web page

lynx -source “”

Get the header status

lynx -dump -head “”

Count the No. of Links

lynx -dump “” | grep -o “http.*” | wc -l

wc -l is used to count the number of lines.

Note:  Every URL occupies a single line, so the no. of lines = the no. of URLs.

Get Text and links from a page

lynx -dump “”

Count External links

lynx -dump “” | grep -o “http.*” | grep -v “” | wc -l

Count Internal links

lynx -dump “” | grep -o “” | wc -l


Are you unable to crawl links and content?

- Design a text version for search engine crawlers to properly fetch the text content and index
- you must have crawlable links to submit user-friendly navigation to search engines.