Reduce and Enhance the Impact of Noise Words

Keyword Density was one of the popular areas of interest for the webmasters, authors and bloggers in the SEO world.  Even though the impact of keyword density in the on-page optimization process is reduced, it can still be a important factor which make your website rewarded or punished by search engines.

Noise Words on a page are the words that may distract crawlers and dilute the content of the page.  In search engine perspective, they are natural enemies of keywords but proper usage of Noise Words on a page can be quite beneficial to your on-page SEO effort.

How to reduce Impact of Noise Words

Reducing the no. of noise words will always have a good SEO presence.

- Trim your page/post content by remove unnecessary words irrelevant to your topics which might help your keywords and key phrases stand out.

Important Sections on webpage layout which are recognized as NOISE WORDS:

- Header/Navigation Section
- Footer Section
- Sidebar Section

How to enhance Impact of Noise Words

Are you worried about being punished by search engines for stuffing too many keywords into your page content?

Here are few tricks to enhance the impact of Noise Words to reduce the potential risk with ease.

Enhancement of Noise Words does not mean to stuff meaningless stuff in your content to dilute the keywords.  Instead try to use the header, footer and sidebar sections that are usually considered as “Noise keyword zone” to stuff the noise words explicitly.

Good content writing skills are required to enhance and reduce noise words.